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What is the

Priapus Shot®?

a.k.a. P-Shot® 


Learn more about the P-Shot®: WHAT MEN WANT below

Steve Mills interview's HJ McHugh, the founder, owner and operator of P-Shot CT, about this life changing regenerative sexual wellness treatment option she offers after hearing about it for the first time.


Enjoy their candid exchange while Steve asks all the questions men everywhere start to wonder once they find out about this safe and effective autologous treatment that gives you a healthier harder penis without any medications or down time!

About P Shot

Priapus Shot®


The Priapus Shot® (or P-Shot®) is an innovative, drug-free sexual enhancement treatment that is minimally invasive and offers long-lasting results to improve virility and address a variety of concerns that can negatively impact a man’s sex life and intimate relationships. It has safely helped thousands of men over the past decade improve their sexual health and pioneered the evolution of male enhancement regenerative options.

Autologous Therapy

Autologous therapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses a person’s own cells or tissue (for our purposes, blood) that are processed outside of the body and then reintroduced to the same person.

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) treatments come from your own body, so there is little risk of negative reactions. Your blood is drawn and processed in-office so that only the desired enriched cells remain.

Platelets are cells that are known for their clotting abilities and also aid in wound healing.  They contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration or healing at the location of treatment.

Autologous Therapy

Care Directions

To maximize your treatment results and avoid undesired side effects or results, please be sure to follow these pre- and post-procedure instructions.

P-Shot® Pre-Care

  • HYDRATE very well the day before and the day of the procedure for ease of the blood draw.

  • You DO NOT have to fast for the blood draw.

  • Shave the treatment area within 24 hours of the procedure.

  • AVOID the use of NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen, etc.) 3-7 days before procedure. As with any injection, this can increase the risk of bruising/ bleeding at the injection site.

  • Tylenol is OKAY for pain relief leading up to and including the day of procedure (See manufacturer label for directions of use).

  • AVOID the use of excessive or unnecessary blood thinners. If your doctor prescribes you blood thinners, do not stop unless you have consulted with your prescribing provider and are directed to do so.

  • AVOID systemic use of corticosteroids 1 week before the procedure. Discuss this with your prescribing provider prior to stopping or holding any corticosteroid medication.

  • AVOID alcohol and cigarettes for 5 days before the procedure.

  • AVOID the following nutritional supplements 5 days before the procedure: Garlic, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Flax Oil, Curcumin, Gingko Biloba and other anti-inflammatory nutrients

P-Shot® Post Care

  • You may resume your normal daily routine and activity, including showering and sexual intercourse, after treatment.

  • Refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment.

  • Use the Vacuum Pump for 10 minutes, twice daily, after the procedure for 2 months (Do not increase the pressure above 10 mmHg). This will maximize effectiveness of the procedure.

    • We have Vacuum Pumps available for purchase in-office for you or you may obtain one prior to your appointment (electric or manual).

  • Eat a healthy diet and hydrate well (at least 64 fl. oz of water per day).

  • Most side effects from treatments should not be cause for alarm as they are usually minor and should subside with time as a normal part of the healing process. They may be alleviated with simple measures as described below.

    • Mild tingling, swelling, soreness and tenderness may occur for up to 3 days.

    • Acetaminophen may be used for discomfort (See manufacturer label for directions of use)

    • If you experience minor itching, you may use antihistamines like Benadryl and Zyrtec (See manufacturer label for directions of use).

    • If able, refrain from use of NSAIDs (e.g. Ibuprofen) for 5 days as this can increase the risk of bruising.

    • Bruising, typically at the injection site, may last for several weeks. Arnica Gel may be used for bruising.

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes for 3-7 days after the procedure.

  • Avoid the following nutritional supplements 5 days following the procedure: Garlic, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Flax Oil, Curcumin, Gingko Biloba and other anti-inflammatory nutrients.


Post-Care Directions

Vampire Hair™ 


Like the Priapus Shot®, Vampire Hair was developed and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels MD, who also invented the O-Shot®, Vampire FaceLift® and Vampire Facial®.

3 Sessions for 1800

Vampire Hair growth is a non-surgical hair-loss treatment using your body's platelets 

extracted from your own blood that are then reintroduced to areas of your scalp, delivering different growth factors that support hair regrowth while also stimulating the follicles and slowing down the rate of hair loss.


While Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is not FDA-approved for hair loss, research to-date has shown that PRP can be effective for age-related hair loss and alopecia areata (a disease that causes hair thinning in young people otherwise healthy). It is considered safe and less invasive than alternative hair loss treatments such as hair transplant surgery, and can even be less expensive.


As a non-surgical procedure, Vampire Hair  PRP requires no downtime and is without significant safety risks.

Clients find this procedure to be virtually painless, and the entire treatment takes about 30 minutes. Vampire Hair is an excellent treatment to receive on its own or as a complement to your P-Shot® appointment.

Vampire Hair


About P-Shot® CT


I’m in a relentless pursuit to bring revolutionary treatment options with evidence-based findings to you”


- Heather Jane "HJ" McHugh, APRN

Owner & Operator, P-Shot® CT

Heather Jane "HJ" McHugh is a double board-certified APRN who is committed to providing clients safe, accessible, and high quality care from consultation through treatment, post-care, and results.

An eastern Connecticut-native, HJ received her B.S. & M.S. in Nursing from University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT). At the start of her career, she served the critically ill and trained nurses and paramedic students at a local tertiary hospital. Upon completion of her Masters program as an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, HJ served 2 years as a Hospitalist at a local community hospital and received the Mid-level Provider of the Year Award in 2016. She began her aesthetic journey in 2018, and in 2020, she became double board-certified by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine in Aesthetics. She continues to train with the aesthetic field's leading providers.

HJ's interest in aesthetic medicine began while treating vein disease, and continued her aesthetic education journey by enrolling in any and all classes that were offered. She has attended numerous classes, trainings and sessions across the country led by highly respected medical providers who have pioneered in their aesthetic specialties over the last four years.


After taking an introductory course on platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments, she was delighted to learn of all the aesthetic opportunities and orthopedic benefits PRP offers. While she believes (and agrees) that medication and traditionally invasive procedures absolutely serve a purpose, she has always felt that exploring interventions and treatments that have the potential to yield desired outcomes with decreased risks is the ideal starting point when addressing patient concerns. As she set out to further her education on treatments using PRP, she realized there was no one better equipped to train her than world-renowned MD Dr. Charles Runels, the man who invented the Priapus Shot® (amongst multiple other well-known regenerative aesthetic procedures), and Dr. Jeffrey Piccirillo, the orthopedic PRP guru who developed protocols that have and continue to treat thousands of orthopedic patients in over 200 practices nationwide. She successfully completed training in the most respected regenerative medicine procedures offered today side-by-side with two of the most influential medical doctors who have blazed new trails in shaping the future for non-invasive treatment options.


She remains dedicated to helping patients on their personal journey to achieve and maintain their aesthetic well-being holistically. She delivers patient care with individualized focus, always with compassion and integrity. She found that her approach drove patients to return to her practice reporting increased confidence and energy after treatment. With these improvements, patients found other aspects in their lives improved for the better. It became clear to her that patient-centered and education-based approach were improving patient’s compliance with preventative care, procedure results and overall self-esteem, solidifying her position in aesthetic medicine.


Today, she serves as a member of the American Nurse Association, American Nurse Association of Connecticut, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American Academy of Critical Care Nurses, American Academy of Procedural Medicine,American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association and Cellular Medicine Association.

When not providing patients with exceptional holistic care with the newest advancements in medical technology, HJ enjoys going to baseball games, off-roading, snowboarding and spending time visiting her family in South Carolina and Illinois.

About Us

"Leading up to the appointment I was having a lot of anxiety about the idea of the injections. The minute I walked through the door I immediately felt at ease after talking with HJ and the numbing cream was applied. She was thorough in explaining what she was doing during every step of the procedure. The injection part was very swift and not as bad as I had expected. I highly recommend you see HJ if you are considering this procedure  "

- Robert L, Age 38



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